Integration, Resources, Fringe Benefits, and College Senators’ Committees reported to the Senate.

Faculty Senate Meeting

Note: To facilitate open discussion, the identity of most Senators making comments or questions is not recorded. Such comments as recorded here are generally not verbatim. The identity of comments from Senate Officers and Senate Ad Hoc and Standing Committee Chairs are given, as is the identity of persons commenting in their official administrative capacity (e.g. EVP, Provost, or College Dean.) 

Call to Order

President Matthew Philips called the Senate to order on a Zoom conference.

Approval of September Meeting Minutes (unanimous)

Announcements and Updates

  • Tracey Banks was appointed co-chair of University Diversity and Equity Council (U-DEaC) with Jose Villalba. This group is advisory to President Wente and will evaluate the work of a variety of diversity, equity, and inclusion projects. 
  • Thanks to President Wente for hosting the Senate reception at her house. 
  • President Wente has been invited to give a State of the University address later this fall or early in the spring semester.

Committee Reports

  • Integration Committee – Presentation by Terry Hales, Sr VP for Academic Administration and Operations at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist on understanding the relationship with Atrium from the perspective of the Wake Forest School of Medicine. The relationship is a “strategic combination,” not a merger or acquisition. The “academic core” of the relationship, led by Wake Forest School of Medicine, is a central component of the health care system. Wake Forest School of Medicine in Charlotte is a second location for the single organization. The second campus will have its own students in a new program with a new curriculum. This is a progressive plan that will also be applied to the Winston Salem campus. The principal location will continue to be Winston Salem.  
  • Athletics Committee – John Sumanth: It’s a great time to be a WFU athletics supporter. How do we start to affect change and marshal resources more efficiently? There is a lot of duplication of efforts by different groups on campus. The Senate Athletics Committee, Faculty Athletics Committee, COIA, and the Board of Trustees Athletics Committee are sometimes overlapping. The Senate Athletic Committee is coordinating relationships relative to administration. There is an attempt to outline efficient delineations of the responsibilities of the different committees and formalize links between SAC and FAC. The key discussion at the moment is diversity efforts towards athletics. 
  • Resources Committee – Gregory Parks: Child care initiative was paused by Covid. The committee has learned that HR is hiring someone to specifically advance the childcare initiative. 
  • Fringe Benefits – Pat Lord: final report on 2021 benefits plan, enrollment 10/18-29. See attached report.
  • Collegiate Senators – Ellen Kirkman: Faculty handbook language about Intellectual Property has been moved and may indicate that teaching material are part of university property. The manner in which changes have been is unclear at every level of administration. The Committee is asking, specifically, to clarify and formalize the manner in which changes are made, announced, and distributed. This could be managed through a Senate Ad Hoc committee. See Attached Report.Motion: the senate will establish an ad hoc committee. Friendly amendment, deadline moved to March 23, 2022. Motion carries: apparently unanimous.



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