Faculty Senate Minutes | September 15, 2021

Executive, Integration, Resources, Fringe Benefits, and College Senators’ Committees reported to the Senate.

Faculty Senate Meeting

Note: To facilitate open discussion, the identity of most Senators making comments or questions is not recorded. Such comments as recorded here are generally not verbatim. The identity of comments from Senate Officers and Senate Ad Hoc and Standing Committee Chairs are given, as is the identity of persons commenting in their official administrative capacity (e.g. EVP, Provost, or College Dean.) 

Call to Order

President Matthew Philips called the Senate to order on a Zoom conference.

Approval of April Meeting Minutes (unanimous)

Announcements and Updates

  • The Senate will meet with President Wente at a reception on September 28.

Committee Reports

  • Integration committee: Melissa Jenkins – Purpose is to foster communications and cooperation across the university. Interested in sharing information about Covid protocols. Will gather information about the activities of other Senate committees and their College/unit counterparts
  • Resources committee: Gregory Parks – Child care: a task force and proposal had been developed prior to the pandemic. On Sept 22 there will be a meeting with VP Longpere-Johnston towards the creation of child care services.
  • Fringe Benefits committee: Pat Lord – domestic partner benefits: the university should more clearly reveal the lack of domestic partner benefits and provide assistance for finding benefits. The fringe benefits committee does not recommend the establishment of domestic partner benefits – they are uncommon in peer institutions, administratively burdensome, and are taxable income to recipients. Plan is for benefits to remain the same for next year.
  • Vote on the Fringe Benefits recommendations:– On HR health benefits page, it currently states that to obtain health care coverage for spouse or children a marriage license or birth certificates is required. We recommend adding a clear statement that health care for domestic partners is not covered.– Human resources should assist new hires with identifying health coverage options for family or domestic partners who are not eligible for coverage through Wake Forest Benefits. Vote: both passed
  • Committee of Collegiate Senators: Ellen Kirkman – review of college report. Continuing concern about how Covid cases are identified, measured, and revealed.



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