Faculty Senate Minutes | September 21, 2022

Committee reports to the Senate.
Guest presentations: Dr. Malika Roman-Isler, Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence

Faculty Senate Meeting

Note: To facilitate open discussion, the identity of most Senators making comments or questions is not recorded. Such comments as recorded here are generally not verbatim. The identity of comments from Senate Officers and Senate Ad Hoc and Standing Committee Chairs are given, as is the identity of persons commenting in their official administrative capacity (e.g. EVP, Provost, or College Dean.) 

Call to Order

President Tracey Banks called the Senate to order.

Approval of April 2022 Meeting Minutes (unanimous)

Announcements and Updates

  • New member introductions
  • Summer activities: Senate worked with Provost Gillespie on enabling and promoting shared governance and maintaining broad attention to DEI across the Senate and its sub-committees.
  • Committee Assignments posted online.
  • President Wente will host a Faculty Senate meeting at her home on Nov 3, 4:30p-6:00p.

Guest Presentation

  • Faculty Senate presents Dr. Malika Roman-Isler, Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, who described the Affinity Resource Group activities of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion: https://diversity.wfu.edu/centers/affinity-resource-groups/

Committee Reports

  • Fringe Benefits Committee – Melissa Jenkins: preview of new health care plan roll out. 
  • Athletics Committee – John Sumanth: see document attached in appendices.
  • Committee of Collegiate Senators – Stew Carter: update on meeting with Interim Dean Tony Marsh, departmental autonomy, and interest in clarify administrator election/selection/recruitment strategies and policies.
  • Compensation Committee: Katy Harriger: see document in appendices

New Business

  • Faculty Handbook – Tracey Banks: Document collects policies and provides formal and informal guidance. Its updates are neither systematic nor regular. An Ad Hoc committee will be formed to clarify and organize the current state of the handbook and the procedures for its edition.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Tracey Banks: DEI will be a key principle of the operation of the Senate and its subcommittees. 



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