Committee reports to the Senate.
Guest presentation: Dr. Anthony Atala

Faculty Senate Meeting

Note: To facilitate open discussion, the identity of most Senators making comments or questions is not recorded. Such comments as recorded here are generally not verbatim. The identity of comments from Senate Officers and Senate Ad Hoc and Standing Committee Chairs are given, as is the identity of persons commenting in their official administrative capacity (e.g. EVP, Provost, or College Dean.) 

Call to Order

President Matthew Phillips called the Senate to order on Zoom.

Approval of February Meeting Minutes (unanimous)

Announcements and Updates

  • New Senate President will be in place for the April Meeting 

Guest Presentation

  • Integration Committee – Melissa Jenkins presents Dr. Anthony Atala: Dr. Atala reported on the collaborative approach to the new RegeneratOR project to offer equipment availability, business incubator, and other specialized projects bringing opportunity to WFU and Winston Salem.

Committee Reports

  • Nominations Committee – Election and Results: Tracey Banks – President; Raja Chatterjee – Vice President; Saylor Breckenridge – Secretary; Ellen Miller – Senator At Large
  • Integration Committee – Melissa Jenkins: April 7th event Faculty Senate Collaboration Ideation Forum.
  • Fringe Benefits Committee – Pat Lord: Update on the University’s search for a new medical insurance plan. See attached report in the appendices.
  • Athletics Committee – John Sumanth: See attached report in the appendices.
  • Resources Committee – Gregory Parks: Primary efforts have been focused on childcare as represented in the report of 03/17/22. 
  • Committee of Collegiate Senators – Ellen Kirkman: Senators had a meeting with Vice President for Campus Life Shea Kidd-Brown. Topics were introductory and general. There was a meeting with AAUP discussing snow days and options for either canceling classes or offering virtual class. 
  • Ad Hoc Committee for Handbook Procedures – Tracey Banks: The committee’s conclusion is that there should be a regularized reporting of changes to the handbook along with a short and straightforward plan for how changes are to be made. Currently, changes can come from the Board of Trustees, Administration, or from the faculty through collective processes that may move to Provost’s Office and Legal Council and perhaps the Board of Trustees. There will be an annual report from the Provost’s Office. Questions about departmental variation in the Handbook remain imprecisely answered, though substantive changes in operations by departments or other units that relate to Handbook content may  be reviewed through the Provost’s Office or Board of Trustees.

New Business

  • none



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