Executive Committee


The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers and chairpersons of the standing committees. If the immediate past President of the Senate is no longer on the Senate, he/she shall serve as a non-voting advisor to the Executive Committee. The Senate Executive Committee shall meet regularly with and advise the Provost on policy decisions affecting the faculty, staff, and broader University community. The Committee shall also meet regularly with and advise the Dean of the Medical School on policy decisions affecting the Medical School in its functions as part of the larger University community.

Executive Committee Members

  • Simone Caron, President
  • Matthew Phillips, Vice President
  • Ananda Mitra, Secretary
  • Barry Trachtenberg, Member-at-Large
  • Mark Knudson, Past President
  • Chris Coughlin, Chair of Fringe Benefits Committee
  • [open], Chair of Resources Committee
  • [open], Chair of Athletics Committee and COIA Representative
  • [open], Chair of Faculty and Administration Compensation Committee
  • Pat Lord, Chair of Integration Committee
  • Margaret Bender, Chair of Collegiate Senators Committee
  • Mark Knudson, Chair of Medical School Senators Committee