Faculty Senate Committee On Athletics


The Faculty Senate Committee on Athletics (FSCA) will examine and address issues raised in the Report of the Steering Committee of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) and its four appendices (March 2013) paying particular attention to whether and how recommendations and best practices found in the Report should be implemented in Wake Forest University and its Faculty Senate. The FSCA will also address related issues concerning the likely effects that changes in intercollegiate athletics (e.g. the litigation regarding the payment of college athletes; ACC conference reorganization; contemplated reforms in the NCAA; etc.) will have on the University. Two additional charges of the FCSA are to foster transparency and an increased role for faculty governance in various aspects of the Wake Forest Athletics Program.

The President of the Faculty Senate appoints the chair of the committee and other faculty member(s) to the committee who have particular expertise and interest in such matters. The committee will also consist of elected faculty members of the Senate who volunteer to serve on the committee.

Athletics Committee Members

  • Jane Albrecht, Chair
  • Jay Ford