Academic Freedom and Responsibility Committee


The Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility is composed of fourteen tenured faculty members of the rank of full professor or librarian with two members elected by the faculty of each academic unit. The members of this committee are responsible for serving as members of panels for the dismissal of a tenured faculty member, as well as addressing other issues related to academic freedom and responsibility. The Executive Committee of the Senate selects the chairperson of this committee. Committee members need not be members of the Senate. The Senate will convene this committee as deemed necessary.

Committee for Academic Freedom and Responsibility Members

  • Jill Crainshaw
  • Sonia Crandall
  • Rick Harris
  • Sarah Jeong
  • Mark Knudson
  • Bill Leonard
  • Allan Louden
  • Tanya Marsh
  • Wendy Parker
  • Fred Perrino
  • Mary Scanlon
  • Scott Shafer
  • Ulricke Wiethaus, Chair