Healthcare Forum Questions and Answers

What is the solicitation policy on campus? (i.e. United Way, Arts Council, etc.) What is the connection of Wake Forest with MBNA?

Are staff discounts available for ARAMARK food services?

What is the status of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) improvements being made to campus?

Are there plans to improve parking on campus?

What is the policy for giving notice on campus?

The notice period we expect to receive from departing staff employees is very much in line with the “industry standard.” Two weeks from employees in support positions and four weeks from employees in management/administrative/professional positions is very reasonable in light of the purpose of seeking notice from employees . The purpose of asking (requiring or expecting) employees to provide notice is to allow the employer time to find a replacement – or at least have the process well under way by the time the current employee departs. If the departing employee does not provide the expected notice period, he or she may forfeit their payout for unused PTO time.
Courtesy of Ralph Pederson, Director Human Resources 10/02

Why was there no discount offered to faculty and staff children who attended camps this past year? When Health & Exercise Science held the Sports Camps, faculy and staff children received a discount.

Under the new leadership of the All Sports Camp, the camp is now administered much like the other sport camps on campus. From what I am aware, none of the sport specific camps offer discounts to faculty and staff. However, if there are individual cases of hardship, I am open to exploring the creation of a scholarship.

Currently, the All Sports Camp reaches out to the entire W-S community. Each summer, the All Sports Camp provides camp scholarships to several neighboring elementary schools. Each participating school selects a deserving child to attend a week of the All Sports Camp. This program has proven to be a wonderful way of rewarding exemplary students who otherwise may not have able to attend a summer camp.

Tentative 2003 All Sports Camp Dates:
May 26-30 morning or full day
July 7-11 morning or afternoon sessions
July 21-25 morning or afternoon sessions

I look forward to many of our faculty and staff taking advantage of the All Sports Camp now in its 44th year.
-Max Floyd, Director of Campus Recreation

Why is the WFU Eye Center not a member of the Superior network vision program?

We are in the process of adding the WFU Eye Center. We selected Superior even though WFU Eye Center was not currently participating in the network, with the anticipation they would agree to join the Superior network.

In the selection process we discovered that many vision plans did not offer materials only, therefore narrowing our search between two providers, of which neither WFU was participating. Because the University’s medical plan covers annual eye exams we needed a benefit that would cover materials only. Superior was committed to recruiting specific providers the University requested.

Currently the Superior network consist of over 20,000 providers nationwide with a significant number of providers added each month. The network is comprised of 30% ophthalmologist, 45% optometrist and 25% national and regional chain locations and independent optical companies.

We are currently waiting to hear from Superior regarding an update on their progress with the WFU group.

What is the reason for the new form to request leave, and why does it ask for the purpose of the leave?

The University is obliged to make a good faith effort to track employee absences, both paid and unpaid, that are for the purposes covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). So anytime an employee is absent for three or more days for a purpose covered by the FMLA, the Human Resources Department (Angela Frazier) should be notified by the employee or the supervisor who approved the leave. Angela keeps a spreadsheet with information pertaining to employees who she learns are on leave for purposes covered by the FMLA. It is not a particularly effect means of gathering this information except for those employees who seek the benefits of maternity leave, adoption leave, or short term disability.

Quite frankly, I am more concerned with being able to demonstrate that we are making a good faith effort to comply with the law than I am about providing the protections of the FMLA to our employees – this is because we provide benefits that far exceed those guaranteed by the law.

As to the form, if an individual is using leave for a purpose other than those covered by the FMLA, he or she should check the other box and write “vacation” or “personal” and just about anything else they feel comfortable in disclosing to let the supervisor know this is not leave to be charged to the FML account.

If an employee uses PTO to cover three weeks off used to care for a parent then they use nine weeks of unpaid leave, later that year they are in a car wreck and are out, do they have three weeks of FML or have they used it up? In other words is it still toward FML even if its covered by PTO?

Yes, The FMLA provides an entitlement to 12-weeks of paid or unpaid a year. At WFU (as with most other employers) the year is determined to be a “rolling” 12 months. If the initial three weeks and the subsequent 9 weeks is within
a 12-month period, the benefits under the FMLA have been exhausted – if more than 12 months has elapsed since the initial three weeks of leave, then the employee still has 3 weeks of benefits available. And yes, the use of PTO, Sick Leave, Workers’ Compensation, and Short Term Disability all run concurrent with FML.