Faculty Senate Committee of the Medical School Senators


The Faculty Senate Committee of the Medical School Senators is generally concerned with important issues related to the Medical School and its governance.  Its membership consists of the eight elected faculty senate members who represent the Medical School .  The Chair of the Committee is elected annually by the members of the Committee from amongst its membership.  Member(s) of the Medical School Senators may propose issues for the Committee to address.  The President or the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate may also formally request that the Medical School Senators address issues of special importance to the Medical School or the university. The specific agenda of the Medical School Senators is determined by its chair in consultation with its membership.

Faculty Committee of the Medical School Senators

Arjun Chatterjee
Amy Hildreth
Mark Knudson
John Parks
Beverly Snively
Allen Tsang
Lisa Washburn
Jeff Weiner, Chair